Assistive Technology Research Institute
College Misericordia - Dallas, PA 18612
Founded and Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of Dallas


  ATRI Vision and Mission



The Assistive Technology Research Institute(ATRI) will be the regional leader and primary resource for the application of knowledge related to assistive technology and universal design to improve the independence, productivity, and quality of life of individuals with functional limitations.


The mission of the ATRI is to generate and disseminate knowledge supporting the use of assistive and universal technologies to allow individuals with disabilities and/or reduced function to participate to the greatest extent possible in their personal lives and their communities. Active participation by students at Misericordia University will facilitate both their academic and professional development within their respective disciplines.


Much of the built environment is designed by, and designed for, young, able-bodied people. A significant portion of the population, whether through accident, disease, or normal aging processes, has experienced a reduced level of vision, hearing, mobility, strength and/or coordination that makes full participation in life both inside and outside the home difficult or impossible. ATRI's activities are intended to allow these individuals to more fully participate in their lives and communities.