Current Projects in Assistive Technology


Current Research Projects

  • The Elder Interface
    • Researcher: Denis Anson
    • This project is seeking to identify changes to the standard computer interface that will improve access by elders. The identified changes will be either alterations of settings to the default computer, or no-cost/low-cost add ons to modify the operation of the computer.
  • Long-Term Functional Impact of Wheeled Mobility
    • Researcher: Denis Anson
    • It has been well documented that a high proportion of young wheelchair users develop injuries to their shoulders, elbows, and wrists over time. The affect of manual and powered mobility on the function of older wheelchair users has not been documented. This longitudinal study will track the levels of functional independence of older users of manual and powered mobility devices to assess changes .
  • Who Makes the Grade?: A Study of Dragon Naturally Speaking and Speak-Q Voice Recognition with Children

    • Researchers: Catherine Dempsey, Bethany McCullough, Elizabeth Mistrik, Amanda Morgan
  • Text Generation: A Comparison of Dasher Software and Wivik Keyboard with a Chubon Overlay

    • Researchers: Marissa Maglioli, OTS, Chrissy Mancia, OTS, Christine Swink, OTS

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