Computer Access Resources

Welcome to the ATRI Computer Access Resources Page. Information access for people with functional limitations has been a core interest at ATRI since its inception.

The resources on this page are of three types.

Product Reviews
As we have the opportunity to experience alternative access technologies, we will post our findings here. These reviews will be as objective as we can make them, and will be based on decades of experience in this area. However, the needs of different people are different, so it is entirely possible that a product that we don't like will be just what you need.
If you have a product that you would like to have reviewed, please contact, and we will arrange a review.
Access Resources not on the ATRI site
Some very good computer access resources are commercial, but downloadable. Others are free, but the developers need to track usage. In these cases, we will post links to the hosting site of the resources.
Access Resources on the ATRI site
We are constantly collecting resources, and will post them to the ATRI site, so that you can, in many cases, download the resources you need directly from ATRI.
Included in the ATRI On-Site resources will be many of the applications formerly available via the Trace website.